WiCyS New York Mentorship Pairing

What is WiCyS Mentorship Pairing?

We invite anyone interested in being a mentor or mentoring someone else to apply below and we’ll do our best to match you up. Please keep in mind that we’ve typically seen a higher volume of mentees sign up than mentors, and consider also indicating interest in being matched with a peer mentor.


What is a peer mentor?

A peer mentor is someone with whom you can share your own expertise and interests, as well as hear about their expertise and interest. You will be both a mentor and a mentee in this relationship.


How do you match people?

We may match you with someone who is interested in learning about something you are an expert in (mentor) or you may be matched with someone who is an expert in something you are interested in learning about (mentee). You may also be matched with someone else who has the same interest or expertise so you can learn and grow together (peer mentor).


What does this relationship look like?

It’s up to you how you’d like to gain value, however we have a few general recommendations to get started:

  • Schedule regular calls or meetings (at least monthly) to connect, update on major developments, and discuss successes, opportunities, and goals.
  • Share interesting events/opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • Introduce your mentor/mentee to others in your network
  • Share interesting articles, materials, or resources on an ongoing basis
  • Attend WiCyS New York events to meet (either virtually or in person) each other and other pairings to trade top tips for successful partnerships.

When will I be matched?

We will perform matches once per month, but you can sign up at any time!


What if my mentor/mentee is not responsive?

We’re sorry to hear that! Please let us know by emailing wicysnymetro@wicys.org and we’ll find you a new match.


Any more questions?

Please email us at wicysnymetro@wicys.org.